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Dinah Lee Woodall, Licensed Massage Therapist (MT006533), Reiki Master, Sound Code Therapist and Spiritual/Life Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist (TM).


Dinah Lee is the creator of Woodall Advanced Bodywork for chronic pain relief and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since February 2010.

She started her massage therapy career working with Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Patients and has worked with some of the best medical professionals in Augusta. She specializes in chronic pain elimination, lymphatic drainage, injury rehab, and organic facial rejuvenation.

Dinah is currently the only therapist in the CSRA certified in Sound Code Therapy for Atlas-in-Balance.  This non-invasive modality uses sound and subtle vibration to place the atlas (c-1 vertebrate) in the correct position.  There is no adjustment or manual manipulation of the spine.  The result is a permanent correct placement of the atlas and the spine is able to return to normal function as well as reduce or eliminate completely migraine headaches, neck pain, back Bain, nausea, dizziness, weakness and brain fog that is caused by atlas subluxation.

She also works with private clients to release emotional, mental and physical trauma using several divination tools including an ancient sound technology in combination with coaching, relaxation and neurolinguistic programming so they can stop feeling stuck in life, release anxiety, depression, fear,  pain and heartbreak and move forward in freedom and empowerment.

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Deborah Benefield, LMT (MT008575)

Deborah has been a licensed massage therapist since 2013 and has worked in both corporate massage and for the Family Y of downtown Augusta. She loves helping her clients relax and customizes her work to their specific needs.

We receive comments and compliments about Deborah's strong hands all the time!

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Beverly Sumner, LMT, NCTMB  is a licensed massage therapist and a Georgia native who lived 10 years in Oregon, where she owned Altair Therapeutic Massage, specializing in helping clients with chronic and acute pain, as well as teaching yoga and stretching to her clients, helping them live a more healthy and pain free life. She has more than 1,000 hours of massage training, including 2 months of training in Thailand, where she learned Ancient Thai Massage and gained a deepening knowledge of Eastern Philosophical practices. She has integrated all of these diverse forms into her massage and movement therapies.

She practices Japanese Restoration Therapy (JRT), a deep tissue style of Eastern massage along the body's energy line and acupressure points to promote healing and balance the body’s energy. This therapy stands out because it is done primarily with the forearm and elbow. During Japanese restoration therapy, the practitioner will use a rhythmic pressure to soften and release injured soft tissues. This helps them heal properly,and helps improve postural alignment. Another benefit is to re balance the energy, or qi, of the body. See the modalities page to learn the history of this unique body work

Beverly also is a certified Yoga Instructor, specializing in teaching students of all levels in one on one sessions. Her knowledge of anatomy and body movement allows her to help each student achieve their goals.

As an Active Isolated Stretching practitioner, she helps clients identify and stretch individual muscles leading to permanent relief of pain.


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