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Rapid Transformational Therapy helps to eliminate and erase issues around:


Depression and Anxiety


Procrastination and Perfectionism

Fatigue and Chronic Pain


Fears and Phobias

Public Speaking

Performance - Sports, Music and the Arts

and so much more...


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DinahLee Woodall is a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive, RTT (TM) Therapist,  Reiki Master, Sound Code Therapist Licensed Massage Therapist and creator of Woodall Advanced Bodywork for chronic pain elimination.

She works with her coaching clients to provide them with soul level clarity about their life's purpose, goals and blocks that are keeping them stuck and/or repeating the same scenarios over and over.  Guidance is provided that allows the client to clearly understand grounded steps to move forward with their lives for better relationships, a more aligned career path & financial abundance as well as greater confidence and understanding of self.


Disclaimer - Coaching, NLP or hynposis is never to be substituted for professional Medical or Psychological treatment. If you have an emergency, please dial 911.