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Why are you hurting?

What's going on?

Where is the pain?

Is it mental, emotional or has it become so dense that it is now manifest in the physical body?

Chronic physical pain is usually the result of chronic ongoing mental or emotional pain.  It may be so old and so deep that we don't even realize that its there.

It can be healed...

it can be transformed...

and yes.  Your life CAN be good.  Even better- life can be abundant and joyful and pain-free.

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From Pain to Freedom

We live in a fast paced, stressful world.  Millions of  people across the globe struggle with understanding why they are here, what they are "supposed" to be doing, and why  bad"stuff" sometimes happens to them or how to move forward from where they currently are.

What if you could go on a journey and discover who you really are at the very deepest level? The divine nature of who you are, why you were created and your souls mission on earth?

When you have this information, you become empowered in your life.  You understand that when you are trying to be someone you are not, we create all sorts of misalignments in our lives.  Things go "wrong".  We may not feel joyful. We feel stress and anxiety.  We may eventually become exhausted and sick.

Authenticity is the only path to true joy and liberation.  Only - we don't really even understand what that is because we are each unique but have been taught how to blend in rather than stand out.

Are you ready to feel love and joy and feel excited about waking up each day?

When we have financial issues, relationship, career or health issues,  we start to feel bad about ourselves, doubt sets in, and we lose confidence.  We get confused and what we need most is clarity.


If you are suffering with chronic pain - in the PHYSICAL BODY- this is a LOUD message that your physical life is out of alignment with your true nature.  Additionally, there could be old traumas or heartbreak that are still being held inside the body creating density in this area where the trauma is held.  Unaddressed trauma and pain will manifest itself in unconscious patterns that we participate in for years.

Are you ready to be free from pain? Emotional, Mental and Physical Pain can be powerfully eliminated starting today.

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DinahLee Woodall

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Rapid Transformational Therapy helps to eliminate and erase issues around:


Depression and Anxiety


Procrastination and Perfectionism

Fatigue and Chronic Pain


Fears and Phobias

Public Speaking

Performance - Sports, Music and the Arts

and so much more...


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DinahLee Woodall is a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive, RTT (TM) Therapist,  Reiki Master, Sound Code Therapist Licensed Massage Therapist and creator of Woodall Advanced Bodywork for chronic pain elimination.

She works with her coaching clients to provide them with soul level clarity about their life's purpose, goals and blocks that are keeping them stuck and/or repeating the same scenarios over and over.  Guidance is provided that allows the client to clearly understand grounded steps to move forward with their lives for better relationships, a more aligned career path & financial abundance as well as greater confidence and understanding of self.


Disclaimer - Coaching, NLP or hynposis is never to be substituted for professional Medical or Psychological treatment. If you have an emergency, please dial 911.