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The Atlas and the Symptoms of MisAlignment

One Bone, Many Problems

If you have been in chronic physical pain for some time you may have heard about the Atlas, or C-1, the top vertebrae in your neck that sits just under the skull.  When it is out of place, you experience a wide variety of symptoms including physical pain in the hips, back, shoulders, neck and can also be the culprit of migraine headaches, brain fog, dizziness, nausea and stomach problems, TMJ issues, unquenchable thirst not related to diabetes, as well as chronic constipation.

It's a miserable experience.

It is amazing how one bone can cause so many problems.  When the Atlas goes out, so does the rest of your body - your entire physical body.

Eventually, this can lead to anxiety and affect your quality of life.

But now with this new form of therapy -  Sound Code Healing for Atlas and Body Balancing, you can receive a permanent correction with NO MANUAL ADJUSTMENT. There is no equipment necessary and the sessions can be done either in the office or over video conferencing. (Skype, zoom, etc)

When the Atlas rotates far to the left, it throws off the balance of the entire body.  The skull can weight up to 17 pounds or so and when it is not balanced, the rest of your body will start to compensate.  The result is a torqued spine, rotated hips, migraines and headaches, cranial pressure, nervous disorders, brain fog and chronic pain.

This situation usually does not get better on its own.  It usually worsens with time.

If you are currently suffering and haven't been able to get lasting relief, this is your ticket to freedom from pain.

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Heal with Sound

In 2014 I experienced a neck injury which rotated my Atlas way off to the left.  I instantly felt sick and dizzy.  I didn't know anything about the Atlas at that time so I thought I would eventually heal.  That wasn't the case.  I only worsened over time.  I went to every specialist I could find including chiropractors that specialized in setting the Atlas.  Nothing worked. I would experience relief for an hour and occasionally a day or two. In 2015 I was miserable and experiencing depression from my pain.  I was starting to feel hopeless that I would ever feel normal again.  I started researching alternative methods to heal the atlas and that's when I discovered Sound Code Therapy for Atlas and Body in Balance.  I scheduled my first session in the fall of 2016 over video conferencing because my therapist was more than 2 hours away.

My results were so profound that I decided to become a certified therapist myself and I've been doing this work with clients ever since - all have experienced amazing results.

If you have chronic pain, this is what you need to heal, I promise.



Our work together consists of three sessions done either in my office or through video conferencing - both are equally effective.

The first two sessions are scheduled 7-10 days apart and the final session is scheduled a few weeks after.

The soundcodes are sung to you as an ancient prayer.  Some clients report that it sounds like Native American singing and others say it sounds like Tibetan Chanting.  It is a beautiful and mysterious form of healing that actually works.

The sounds create a vibrational energetic instruction to place the atlas in the correct position. It is energetic language. Your body understands this language .

If you are hurting, please do not wait any longer to get help.


When the Atlas is misaligned, your entire system is compromised.  The misalignment can worsen over time with repetitive motion, car accidents, trips and falls as well as heavy-lifting and stress.

When we heal the misaligned atlas, your physical body starts to realign itself but your mental and emotional state also improve dramatically.

This is due to the fact that many different nerves are affected by the atlas as well as your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. When the atlas is shifted into the correct place, your nervous system is able to balance as well.

You are able to trust life again.  Re-experience joy and positive feelings of well-being.


When the Atlas is rotated to the left, it partially blocks the energy on the left side of the spine.  Balancing the Atlas allows more life force energy to flow into your energy body and therefore give you more vitality, a sense of lightness, and healing "bandwidth".

Over time, you may experience emotional releases from old energy stored in the spine.

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