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2825 Washington Road   Augusta, GA


Blossom Therapeutic Spa is your home for specialty massage, relaxation, stress relief, detoxification and chronic pain reversal.  We are dedicated to providing the best quality massage therapy and bodywork to each and every client, every single visit.

Our therapists are hand picked for not only their attention to detail, but the genuine love of their craft.

Our Number One Priority

is providing you will excellent bodywork services in our relaxing and convenient location.

We are located right in the Heart of Augusta, one mile from Augusta National Golf Club, restaurants, and shopping.

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Literally the best massage I have ever had!

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Discover Atlas and Body Balancing - Get Your Health back using Soundcode Technology

Did you know that your entire spine can be aligned for chronic pain relief using the technology of sound?

Do you have frequent migraines? Back pain? TMJ problems? Shoulder neck or low back pain?

Hip pain?

All of these issues occur because your spine is torqued.  The spine is torqued because your atlas is not in balance and is throwing the weight of your head off to one side.

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Literally the best massage I have ever had!

Lovely massage! Beautiful & comfortable space, very relaxing! Jessie was very knowledgeable and offered suggestions to help manage my chronic pain. Will be going back!

Great place! A must for those dealing with chronic pain.

The sauna add on is nice!

I really enjoyed my first encounter with blossom therapeutic. The staff was very knowledgable and able to provide good feedback on self care and wellness. Haley was very gentle and caring. I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I will be returning.

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